The  Ultimate Stay Course

When we ask people what challenges them the most in dog training, they shout out coming when called and staying in place.

This is why ACE has developed the Ultimate Recall course and the Ultimate Stay course.

These two short courses are filled with practical material for these most common issues with dogs.

You can watch a free lesson from each course below. Course description is below.

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Ultimate Stay

Ultimate Stay Lesson

Ultimate Stay Course

If your dog is next to a road or looking at a rabbit in the park, can you ask him to stay? Would it be reliable?


Many dog owners struggle with this one command, but it doesn't have to be that way. Mike gives you seven easy-to-follow lessons that each build on the one before.


You will start with looking at the visual and auditory command for the STAY . Also, why we look at beginning the exercise with a regular sit.


Over the seven webinars, we build on the STAY from a second or two to one that can last minutes. As well, it can also work when you are out of sight.


The end result is a reliable STAY that you can be proud of that will also enhance the safety for your dog.