ACE Essentials for Shelter and Rescue Care Course


Our complimentary Essentials Course focuses on ways to provide shelter and rescue animals with compassionate care of body, mind, and spirit. If you are looking for education that will help you improve the quality of the lives of the animals in your care, then this course is for you. We lead you through an extensive array of behavior, obedience and health topics for dogs (and cats).


Upon completion of this course, you will have 24 hours of continuing education credits. If you want to receive CERTIFICATION, you need to pass the final exam.



Lesson One

             1.1 Introduction and Course Overview

             1.2 How to Prevent Pet Relinquishments

             1.3 Feline Behavior: Kitten Socialization and Management

             1.4 Canine Behavior: Canine Body Language

             1.5 Obedience: Training Philosophy and Equipment

             Video: Introduction


Lesson Two

             2.1 Health: Preventing Disease Transfer

             2.2 Feline Behavior: Feline Behavior Assessment

             2.3 Canine Behavior

                         2.3a Puppy Housetraining

                         2.3b Puppy Chewing

                         2.3c Puppy Socialization

                         2.3d Constructive Mauling

             2.4 Obedience

                         2.4a Sit

                         2.4b Down


Lesson Three

             3.1 Health: Medical Assessment (cats and dogs)

             3.2 Feline Behavior

                         3.2a Feline Body Language

                         3.2b Progressive Behavioral Assessment for Cats

             3.3 Canine Behavior: Canine Separation Anxiety

             3.4 Obedience

                         3.4a Introduction to Sit Stay

                         3.4b Introduction to Down Stay


Lesson Four

             4.1 Health

                         4.1a Recognizing Pain

                         4.2b Senior Dogs and Cats in Shelters

             4.2 Feline Behavior: Feline Litter Box Management

             4.3 Canine Behavior: Working with Hyperactive Dogs

             4.4 Obedience

                         4.4a Introduction to Sit Stay (step backwards)

                         4.4b Introduction to Down Stay (step backwards)


Lesson Five

             5.1 Health: Vaccine Use in Shelters

             5.2 Feline Behavior: Feline Housesoiling - Elimination Problems

             5.3 Canine Behavior

                         5.3a Managing Excessive Barking

                         5.3b Dog Fight Solutions

             5.4 Obedience: Introduction to Recall


Lesson Six

             6.1 Health: Diseases of Concern in Shelters

             6.2 Feline Behavior: Aggression in Cats part 1

             6.3 Canine Behavior

                         6.3a ACE Canine Admission Assessment

                         6.3b First Interactions after Assessment

             6.4 Obedience: Leash Walk


Lesson Seven

             7.1 Health: Medical and Holistic Options for Behavior Modification

             7.2 Feline Behavior: Aggression in Cats part 2

             7.3 Canine Behavior Prey Drive Solutions

             7.4 Obedience: Meet and Greet


Lesson Eight

             8.1 ACE Adoption Improvement Strategy

             8.2 The True Cost of Caring: Managing Compassion Fatigue

             8.3 Canine Behavior: Obstacles to Fear and Anxiety Resolution

             8.4 Obedience: Obedience Review

             8.5 Closing Comments and Final Examination Directions

             8.6 Introduction of ACE Courses