ACE Master Membership Webinars

Day 1

Learn the mechanics on how to use your walking tools in the least physically intrusive way. This webinar will also show you how to create a relaxed walk without leash pulling.
First Aid. How to evaluate a cut or puncture and bandage methods before you get to the Vet. You will see what bandage to use and how to apply it. 
Puppy Biting. What is the best way to stop a puppy from biting you? Mike shows you how.
Learn how to clean an ear without fuss and procedures for medicating.

Day 2

Praise Interaction. How to effectively interact with your dog to get the most out of your training.
Seizures. The first things you should do when your pet has a seizure, protecting yourself, and avoiding a second one.
What risk does your dog face at the dog park? How do you keep him safe?
How to stop a dog from running after "prey" - bikes, runners, and other animals.

Day 3

Learn how to make your own homemade dog food, balanced and complete, cooked or raw. 

Door Greeting. Solutions to one of the top problems people ask dog trainers about – unruly door greetings.

Why tartar builds on teeth, how breed affects dental disease, its effects on health, how to recognize a problem, and what you can do to help.

Target Training. A way to get your dog to come all the way to you on a recall without having to go get them or repeat your command.

Leash Pulling. Another common training  problem, yet it has a simple solution.

Day 4

Reactive Dogs. A positive and effective approach to curb dogs from reacting to other dogs, objects, or people.

Outfitting and Learning How to Use a Pet First Aid Kit. Put together your own first aid kit and find out how to use each component.

How to Curb Jumping Up. If you have a dog that likes to jump up, watch this webinar for solutions

How to choose a dog food. Learn what factors you should look at to choose a dog food.

Learn how to trim nails. It really isn't that hard and you can save money.

Day 5

Itchy Dogs - Why and Treatment.

What makes dogs itch? Find out what, see how these are diagnosed, and their treatment

Dogs Scared of Car Rides and Motion Sickness.

Find out how to calm fear in dogs scared of car rides, and how to handle motion sickness

How to Diagnose Lameness.

Do you have a sore dog? Find out how to figure out what is going on.

How to help your vomiting dog.

What causes bloat? See how to prevent it and treat it.

Day 6

Solve Separation Anxiety with Integrated Victory Management

Getting your dog to calmly lie down when someone comes to the door.

Anal Sac and Gland Diseases

Figure out how to empty anal sacs and what diseases are seen in the anal area.

Dog Park Diseases

What risk does your dog face at the dog park? How do you keep him safe?


What is the optimal time for this surgery? What link does it have with cancer?