How to Use a Dog Harness the ACE Way

For dogs that are excessive pullers on a walk, we add a harness to the collar to take the strain off the dog’s neck.


A directional harness controls and steers dogs by the leash attachment at the front of the chest. A favorite of mine is the Easy Walk.


By attaching at the front, it redirects the pull of the body sideways; the dog can’t pull you by walking forward.


Because these harnesses can be difficult to put on a dog, I’ve included instructions in the webinar. Like collars, size a harness so that everything is halfway on its adjustments. If it doesn't fit properly, it won't work.


I sometimes add a muzzle harness for head control such as the Gentle Leader or the Halti. They are good for stronger dogs that are excessive pullers.


Clip the leash to the harness and the collar simultaneously for better control.


In the smaller toy breeds, a body harness that has the D ring over the shoulders can have another purpose. You can lift them up over things like storm drains, but also pull them up in your arms in emergencies, like a large dog bearing down on them.