How to Stop Puppy Biting, Nipping & Chewing the ACE Way

Human babies and puppies are very tactile; they want to feel everything. But, unlike babies, puppies do not have hands to investigate. They have mouths.


Also, when puppies are taken away from their litter mates, they no longer have them to practice on, so we become stand-ins. Finally, there are those baby teeth. When they shed these milk teeth, they need to chew on things. This is why they bite, so let’s look at how we curb it.


The antiquated standard is grasping the muzzle and squeezing hard (to teach the puppy a lesson). Don’t do this! It only teaches your puppy to avoid being caught because he knows he is going to get hurt. Worse, it also makes them head shy and, from then on, the puppy resists any control of the head.


ACE Instructor Mike Annan has some great ideas to effectively curb biting behavior.




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