How to Get a Reliable Recall

Imagine yourself at the dog park. Off in the distance you hear “Fido Come, Fido Come”. This is a dog owner calling, or attempting, to get their dog to come to them. As the owner keeps calling, you hear a loud sharp tone “Fido Come”.


The owner is now desperately using the recall command in an almost corrective manner. The problem is that, to the dog, the word “Come” invariably means the end of a play session. Why would he want to come?



Now imagine this same dog at the park, and he thinks the word COME means “cookie” or “treat”. Which scenario do you think proves more successful?



We want the dog to respond just as if he is coming for a treat. You need to associate as many positive experiences with the command as possible.


An easy way do this is to have your recall command associated with things like food, toys, treats and affection.


Only positive things should be associated with the command COME. For example, we would never call our dog to us for the purpose of scolding him.




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