How to Get a Dog to Stay the ACE Way

  • Start from the sit position and get your dog's attention with a treat and good verbal praise using his name.


  • With your dog in a sit and leash in your left hand give the verbal command STAY.


  • At the same time, place the palm of your right hand in front of your dog’s line of vision in a popping motion. Relax your hand after.


  • If your dog stays still for a few seconds, reward with a treat and a GOOD STAY.


  • Work this exercise until the dog achieves a five to ten second stay.


What do we do if a dog breaks a stay command? The answer is - we reward for good behavior. We want three positive experiences for each negative experience. The three positive experiences can be considered rewards.


Suppose the dog broke and stood up when we did the five second stay. We simply say NO in a calm and relaxed tone, and gently return to the dog and place them in the position which they broke from.


Next, get the dog in a sit stay and this time only wait two seconds. If the dog is successful with a two second stay, you would do this exercise three times to reinforce their confidence in the exercise.


The key is to not go beyond what you know the dog can accomplish. Each time you repeat, move the dog to a new spot to start the procedure anew to reinforce the entire sequence.