How to Cut Dog Nails

How do you cut dog nails? I’ve got some demonstrations on how you can do this at home. And, this is all without pain or bleeding.


First I’ll show you the anatomy. You’ll see where the nail is and where the quik is as well. The quik is the living part where the blood vessel and nerve is. We don’t want to cut it.


Also, you need a sharp pair of cutters. The one I use in this webinar is called a guillotine cutter. I always cut from the bottom of the nail toward the arch. If you cut the top of the nail, it is thicker and harder to cut. This squashes the nail and that hurts.


If you get a nail bleeding, stop it by pushing in some corn starch, a stop bleeding product, or get your dog to run outside and grind dirt into it. Don’t worry - they won’t bleed to death.


I’ve got several clips showing how to trim, with different dogs and with white and dark nails. You’ll finish the webinar knowing how to trim dog nails.


Make sure your dog enjoys this by heaping on praise, giving treats, and only doing the number of nails that he will tolerate at one time. Make this exercise fun.