Let's see how you did...

1. You saw your dog licking from a puddle under your car. What is the best thing to do?

     A. Tell your dog to stay away from it.

     B. Give an antihistamine like Benadryl.

     C. Give a dose of hydrogen peroxide.

ANSWER: Your concern here is that your dog may have ingested antifreeze (ethylene glycol). You want your dog to vomit so you'd give hydrogen peroxide (in your first aid kit) - 1 tsp for 5 pounds.

2. Your dog bit an electrical cord and he is flat out. You've moved the cord away, now what?

     A. Start chest compressions.

     B. Start the CPR process by checking the airway.

     C. Do a Heimlich.

ANSWER: You's start the CPR process and that begins with the A of the ABCs - the airway. You'd check to make sure the airway is open.

3. Your Weimeraner is trying to vomit, his belly seems swollen, and he's getting weaker. What do you do?

     A. Give an anti-gas tablet.

     B. Get to the hospital as fast as you can.

     C. Squeeze the abdomen and get him to burp.

ANSWER: This sounds like a torsion (also called bloat). You want to be on your way to the hospital or tube your dog (described in the course) to give you some time.

4. Your Shih Tzu has one eye closed and he is rubbing it. What is the next step?

     A. Put an Elizabethan collar on and get him seen by the veterinarian.

     B. Hold a wet tea bag on it to soothe it.

     C. Bandage his paw so he can't rub it.

ANSWER: You want to stop self-trauma so a collar is needed, followed by a vet visit.

5. Your male Boxer has had diarrhea for 24 hours and feels fine, but now you see blood in it. What should you do?

     A. Give Pepto-Bismol.

     B. Give an enema to get the blood out.

     C. Take food away for 24 hours.

ANSWER: This doesn't sound like an emergency so you don't need to see the vet right now. But, stopping the food can really help slow down the diarrhea.

You can find all these answers in the Canine First Responder and First Aid Course.