The ACE Canine First Responder Course

The ACE Canine First Responder and First Aid certification course helps you deal with any emergency your dog may have.

It could be drowning, electrocution, being hit by a car, a burn, a cut, but at the end of this course, you'll be able to be the first responder your dog needs.

If you work with dogs - as a pet sitter, trainer, groomer, behaviourist, in a shelter, or at a dog show, you can proudly show the certificate to the people that entrust their dog's care with you.


Follow the link right below this to find out what is included. Passing the examination (getting 80% or more) means we will mail out a certificate for you to frame, showing others you care.


The certificate is good for three years. Once it expires, you can take a refresher course and a recertification examination to enhance your capabilities.