COVID Bunker Course

This page contains all 5 days of webinars.

These webinars are available until Oct 11th at 7 am. If you want to view them after that time, check out the webinar directly below.

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'There have been so many stories circulating about Covid and pets, so it's absolutely brilliant getting the truth behind the 'scaremongering' from a veterinarian. Wanted to book this webinar to put my mind at rest and give me knowledge to feel confident when in discussion with others, it ticked all the boxes, thank you..' Aly G

I purchased the COVID Special Suite Package, as I want to continue educating myself in all ways possible.  I am a Pet Care professional and believe it is my responsibility to keep my knowledge updated.  I have completed the Canine First Responder & CPR Certification Course and started the Shelter & Rescue Care Certification course, both of these course are included in the Special Suite Package along with a fabulous Veterinary book, called: The Dog, from 1852.  I am finding this book fascinating!  Also included in this Special Suite Package are all of the COVID lectures from the COVID course and an assortment of dog training webinars with Mike Annan.  I found the price of the COVID Special Suite package to be a minimal investment, when similar certifications courses I have completed, have been over and above this price and did not offer the same extensive material nor case studies.  I am very happy to have found Ace Academy & Dr. Jeff Grognet.  I highly recommend both courses.

I enjoyed watching all of the Covid Bunker course webinars.  Your presentation was very clear and easily understandable, and I learned some surprising things like I don’t have to get my pets vaccinated every three years - I didn’t know that and will be asking my Veterinarian about that next time my cat goes in for his wellness exam.  Also, I found the webinar on nutrition very interesting.  I liked the way you used examples of actual pet foods and went through all the ingredients, one by one, explaining what they actually mean.  Thanks for the home made pet food recipes too!  I would definitely recommend your webinars, and have actually shared your site with a few friends already.  Merry P

Day 1 - COVID and Your Pet

Day 2 - Parasites Including Heartworm

Day 3 - Feeding Ideas and Homemade Food

Day 4 - Be Your Pet's First Responder

Day 5 - The Truth Behind Vaccines