The ACE Courses 

The ACE CPR Certification Course
A 5-lesson certification (or you can test yourself with an evaluation exam) course complete with downloadable notes and over two hours of webinar for the best comprehension.
Building the Essentials Training Course
A 6 webinar course that has 3-3/4 hours of personal instruction from Mike on the foundation skills through to obedience and manners in the home.
The ACE Essentials of Rescue and Shelter Care Course
Eight lessons with detailed notes on every topic you'd want to see if you are working at a rescue organization. Includes over an hour of obedience instruction and a 30 minute lesson on handling feral cats. Certification is available.
The ACE At-Home Obedience Course
Our most popular course. You can learn how to teach your dog obedience without going to class. Includes 2-1/4 hours in 10 webinars. It is just like you are in the classroom with Mike.
The Veterinary Assistant Pet Sitter Courses
These are four college courses taught by Dr. Jeff Grognet. You can look at a career change so you can enter the veterinary field or look after pets when owners are away.