Essentials for Both Ends of the Leash

Building the Essentials


Let us educate you with our Building the Essentials videos...


Video 1: The Foundation

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Meet and Greet


Video 2: Passing other Dogs

  • Auto Sit

  • Heel Command

  • Using the Commands Stay and Heel to help Pass other Dogs on Leash


Video 3: Reliable Recall

  • The Recall Command

  • Stationary Recall

  • Stationary Recall and Present


Video 4: Prey Drive and Distractions

  • Handlers Presence

  • Using the Recall and Stay to Deal with Distractions

  • Car Chasing

  • Predacious Behavior


Video 5: Training Tips for Around the House

  • Feeding time

  • Daily walks

  • Door Greetings

  • Counter Surfing


Video 6: Health

  • Avoiding Dog Park Diseases