Automatic Heel

Prevent leg injuries with this simple obedience command


Do you play ball or other retrieval game with your dog? Chances are that your dog brings it to you and then, as you throw, does a 180 degree turn and explodes off the starting line.

This torsion on his joints can trigger a cruciate injury or leg damage. It can also take out a person (or table or bar-b-que) as they blindly turn around.

You can prevent this with the AUTOMATIC HEEL, an obedience technique that gets your dog turned around, ready to fire out after the ball.

In this webinar, Mike shows you how to teach your dog this obedience technique. You can safeguard your dog!

If you like this type of training, we have a course just for you. The At-Home Obedience Course is based on Mike’s Integrated Victory Training. He creates and rewards positive behavior while never using corrections.

In this course, you will learn the most effective methods to create a reliable recall, sit, down and stay, as well as the present, the automatic sit, and a long lesson on how to keep your dog at heel. Find it here.

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